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The Effective Way To Find Outsourcing Partners in the Life Sciences

It's easy and free with Bio-Outsourcing
Are you looking for a qualified preclinical CRO, clinical CRO, contract manufacturing organization (CMO or CDMO), a testing laboratory or an outsourcing partner with a special expertise?
Bio-Outsourcing helps pharma, biotech and medical device companies find the right outsourcing partner to expedite their development and increase their rate of success.
We do this by providing you with a targeted list of potential service providers that meet your requirements, based on their experience and field of expertise, and by receiving first-hand testimonials about their performance.

We save you extensive search time and reduce the level of uncertainty, so you can focus on what’s important: advancing your product development.
Service Categories:
Clinical Research
Preclinical Research Services
Laboratory & Testing Services
Legal , IP &
Contract Manufacturing


"Our work with Bio-Outsourcing was direct and to the point,
and resulted in quick
identification and interaction
with high level, experienced
and extremely relevant
service providers .
This low resources,
high impact approach
was very appreciated
as an early stage
medical device company."

Chief Operation Officer

Everads Therapy

"Bio-Outsourcing helped us in identifying and introducing us
to specialized CROs both in
Israel  and abroad.
The service experience was excellent with fast
turnaround time.
Their broad experience and network is of high quality. 
I definitely recommend them."

Chief Science Officer

Vidac Pharma

"Our company relies heavily on outsourced services. It is time-consuming and challenging to find high-quality candidates, assess their expertise and setup, and negotiate the use of the services. Bio-outsourcing gave me access to high-quality, motivated candidates. The pharma experience of the bio outsourcing team helped us navigate the process with practical, insightful advice that steered us towards the best outcome."

R&D Manager

emerging pharma company

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